We analyze the space and the available possibilities. We design the layout of the space to be both practical and functional.


Our photorealistic 3D renders help you visualise the design.

Apart from bespoke elements, we display commercially available furniture, materials and accessories.

Our renderings are made in-house, which results in a faster workflow.

Furniture specification

We are independent from furniture suppliers, therefore, we are not restricted to a specific supplier’s selection.

Our wide knowledge of furniture brands allows us to include those pieces in our projects, which best suit the concept and your budget.

Bespoke furniture design

Creating a fully customized space requires bespoke solutions. When designing bespoke elements, we always make photorealistic renders and detailed documentation.

Branding and graphics

Our custom wall graphics enhance branding and help create a fully customised design.

Project management

We support the implementation of our projects with project management: we manage quotes, orders, shipments and we also manage construction works.

Site supervision

During site visits we supervise and support the implementation of our projects and help you to solve problems that arise during the fit out process.


Our contractor partners can help you with the realisation of your project.